Hinterland Bircher Muesli 500g – Mulberry Tree


  • A healthy dry muesli mix best for porridge /Bircher style breakfasts.
  • A healthy cereal to give you an energy sustained day.
  • With tasty Aussie almonds grown insecticide free & superb organic oats
  • No added sugar. Best soaked in Milk or Almond milk
  • Foil lined pack with zip seal to retain the freshness
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Buy Hinterland Bircher Muesli

Buy Bircher Muesli in the new zip reseal bag. Mulberry Tree brand Hinterland Bircher is satisfying blend of dates, apricots, pineapple, mulberries, raisins, pistachios, hazelnuts & crisp wheat flakes. Hinterland is a true gourmet bircher muesli that has fantastic taste and texture because of the volume and quality of its ingredients.Additionally it has No artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours. No bleached flour.

Buy Bircher Muesli for its Health Benefits

Mulberry Tree use only the best quality natural wholefood ingredients. They also use the variety and the types of dried fruits and nuts to give you not only a satisfying meal. Its a nutritious meal that adds to your well being with a balance of natural product nutrition. Mulberry Tree brand hinterland bircher muesli contains No added sugar. It has no artificial preservatives, or artificial sweeteners or colours and no bleached flour. You can actually enjoy something that is good for you

Buy Bircher Muesli of quality

The Hinterland Bircher Muesli from Mulberry Tree is made with high quality ingredients. There is no skimping here and the variety and quality and sheer volume of our dried friuits nuts,is what gives it the warranted reputation of the only truly gourmet bircher muesli .

Buy Bircher Muesli in a zip lock bag

Mulberry Tree packs their gourmet cereals into zip-lock bags that make it easy for consumers to zip closed. This seals in the fresh natural ingredients. Keeping your cereal in fresh condition to the last serve. So here, you buy bircher muesli with confidence .

What is a Bircher Muesli?

Bircher muesli is the original muesli creation. It is named after a cereal grain based breakfast created by a Swiss physician named Maximilian Bircher-Benner for his patients in the 1900s. The doctors recipe requires the cereal to be soaked in milk for a period of time (usually overnight) to soften them, making them easier to digest. Creating a fruit topped breakfast inspired by Dr Bircher-Benner is a tasty, nourishing and wholesome start to your day.

How to Make the best Bircher Muesli.

Soak your Mulberry Tree Hinterland Bircher Muesli in milk (warm milk in winter) . This will soften the cereal, dried fruit and nuts to make it most enjoyable. Top your Bircher muesi with berries and yogurt. Enjoy it without guilt.

Mulberry Tree offers Gourmet crunchy granola for a healthy cereal breakfast, online from their warehouse in NSW  Australia.

Our Hinterland Bircher Muesli 500g – Mulberry Tree is a favorite in high quality whole food  categories like Bircher Muesli, bircher,Mulberry Tree, healthy cereal, breakfast cereal, hinterland ,muesli, buy bircher muesli,.A healthy dry muesli mix best for porridge /Bircher style breakfasts.. We deliver our healthy cereal products to retailers in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane suburbs overnight. We also supply consumers direct.

Foil lined pack with zip seal to retain the freshness

Country Of Origin: Made In Australia from Majority Australian Produce
Ingredients: Organic Rolled Oats, Triticale, Rice Bran (*), Dates (Dates), Dried Apricots, Raisin, Pistachio, Pepitas, Hazelnut Kernels – 13-15 Mm (Hazelnuts.), Coconut Flakes (100% Coconut Flakes), Dried Pineapple, Linseeds, Dried Currants (Currants (99.5%), Vegetable Oil), Cinnamon
Allergen Statement: Oats, Wheat, Tree Nuts Seeds may contain trace amounts of other nuts


Energy:                   1630
Protein:                  10.7
Total Fats:             13.9
-Saturated Fats   8
Carbohydrates     53.6
– Sugars                13.5
Sodium                  10

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Author: Opera Foods. “Hinterland Bircher Muesli 500g – Mulberry Tree.”, Opera Foods Wholesale Suppliers. Accessed 2019. BUY Hinterland Bircher Muesli
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